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mesh and createInstance clone skeleton animation reset location to zero help


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The animation plays but it reset the position to zero when the play animation. using the assets manager loader. When I try to override position when it play it reset to zero that doesn't work. I wonder if it a bug. I wanted to clone the mesh without need to clone the animation is kind of long way round.

version 2.4.


scene.beginAnimation(this.enemies[0].mesh, 40, 60, true, 0.5); 


for(var i = 0 ; i < this.meshes.length;i++){
            if(this.meshes[i].name == _name){
                var mid = uuid();//random id generator
                model = this.meshes[i].clone(mid,null,true);
                model.skeleton = this.meshes[i].skeleton.clone();

Any idea?

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scene.beginAnimation(this.enemies[0].mesh.skeleton, 40, 60, true, 0.5); 

Manage to get it working. It need some different way to make thing work than examples. To tell them or it way it set animation to position to zero. When copying the mesh. Then chose clone mesh(reset to zero position) or mesh.skeleton.(play current position)

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