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How to drawPolygon twice for poor man shadow effect?

Alexander Farber

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Good evening,

with pixi.js v3 I was using the following code to draw a shadow underneath a polygon (here full source code of Score.js):

this.filters = [ new PIXI.filters.DropShadowFilter() ];
this.filters[0].alpha = .2;

But with pixi.js v4 I can not use that filter anymore.

Here are the two polygons I need to draw, blue and red:

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 16.39.38.png

Instead of using drop shadow filer, I would like to draw the same polygon in translucent gray, offset by few pixels.

Could someone please help me, how to offset the polygon, I can not find anything in the pixi js docs.

Here my current code:

Score.POLY_1 = [
        new PIXI.Point(0, 0),
        new PIXI.Point(Score.WIDTH + 2, 0),
        new PIXI.Point(Score.WIDTH - 2, Score.HEIGHT / 2),
        new PIXI.Point(Score.WIDTH + 2, Score.HEIGHT),
        new PIXI.Point(0, Score.HEIGHT)

// How to draw grey POLY_1 offset by few pixels here?

this.bgGraphics.beginFill(this.color, 1);



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