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Is possible set by default the size of objects an ellipsoid camera can walk over?


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I'm using Blender and i have no much idea but happens two things:

1.- A Ramp/Plane slide me down.

I tried to set various things but nothing worked. I can walk over the ramp and climb without problems but if i release the action to walk slide me down.

2.- Even a small box the camera get stucked.

Only if i set a giant ellipsoid to the camera i can walk over the objects.


A friend with 3Dmax do it correctly but with blender i can't get it.


So, In babylon, there is no way to simply set the maximun size X/Y/Z of what the ellipsoid camera can walk over? And set how much degrees can walk over without sliding? Instead to set object by object the properties a camera or our mesh.player can do?.


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Seems was problem of the Scale of the scene that was too tiny.

With a bigger scene with the same properties and chaning the ellipsoid to be the same tall now seems i can walk over the objects that before was impossible.

Also removing some X and Z from the ellipsoid the ramp not slide me and i can keep the scene gravity to -9 .


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