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I want to make a game like angry bird


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Pick a physics library and look through any example they have which contains a few entities (e.g. http://schteppe.github.io/p2.js/demos/collisions.html), and you're 95% there.

Most physics libraries (such as P2, matterJS etc) work in a similar fashion, you create a world/engine/simulation, fill it with entities and then render it.

Your job will be to add a force to a certain entity (your bird/s) based on angle and some sort of power, let the simulation play out and handle some collision events i.e. when objects collide with enough force they should explode and probably grant you a score, keep track of your 'pig' entities and when they've all exploded you've finished the level.

I'm not suggesting this is in any way easy, just that there are quite a few excellent physics libraries out there that handle the most complex bits of a game like this for you.

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