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GLTF: SceneLoader.Append callback called too early?


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Hi guys, I'm trying to load in .gltf files. I added a callback after the load but it seems to be getting called too early, meshes don't have a bounding box or geometry yet. is that expected?


BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("GLTF/", "model.gltf", scene, function (gltf) {

var geometry = gltf.meshes[0].geometry; // undefined


and by the way, all other callbacks retrieve the array of meshes directly, with the gltf importer you need to go one level down with .meshes. weird :)



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Thanks for this feedback using glTF ! :)

glTF loader is today used to be incremental and that's an interesting subject of evolution: I would like to know if glTF users may want to keep it incremental, or called back once all the files are loaded (I mean the .gltf and .bin files). Then you can do what you want in your callback. What do you think ? @Numa

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Hi @Luaacro, sorry for the late reply!

I think the callback should be called once everything is loaded :)

What is the intended loading process? maybe I'm just using it wrong :)

What I want to do is load my model, once everything is loaded I want to move meshes around, change their materials etc. Is there a way to check if everything has been loaded? Worst case I could add a little check in my render loop to check if all my meshes have a geometry then flip a bool, but that feels wrong hehe.


Thanks guys!


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