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Error while Loading an Video in a Texture

Raghavender Mylagary

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Well, there is an error "while trying to load texture: SampleVideo.......mp4". The call stack there will probably get you going.

Maybe the file isn't there, maybe your server refuses this mime type, maybe the file is on a non-cors-enabled server, maybe it should be Samplevideo and not SampleVideo.

So many reasons! :)

Open the stack on the error, try debugging this.

Looking at your .babylon file - the problem is that you try loading a video as the image of a regular diffuse texture. You will need to write some lines of code loading a video texture from the file you defined. As far as I know, the .babylon scene file doesn't support Video Textures.

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@Raghavender Mylagary : I know that Blender allows you to load a texture that is an "image or movie" but the exporter thinks you are using an image.

As @RaananW you need to specifically set up the video as a certain type of texture (a VideoTexture) in code like :

screen.material.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["babylonjs.mp4", "babylonjs.webm"], scene, true);

and then you have access to play, pause, loop, autoplay etc. See link below under video.

Advanced Texturing

cheers, gryff :)

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