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Looking for Programmer (*Paid or Art Trade*)


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Hi! I’m looking for an HTML5/Javascript/Phaser programmer to make a browser game from scratch (think idle clicker meets Neopets). The work will be small projects at a time, with more work after I figure out more details.



If you’re interested in payment, please post or message me your rates (I am currently looking for indie rates, please).


Art Trade:

If you’re interested in trading your programming for art, please take a look below at my art examples:











I also do character animations (pixels and vector); please message me to see them.

If you’re interested in this option, I would want to trade the work by the hour (how long it took us to make the work).


Please message me for more information or if interested!

Thanks :)



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We are basically Game Development Company and developed as per our client requirement only, in-fact we are completely an outsourcing company. We also hire our skill in dedicated hiring model at a very reasonable cost i.e. $12/ hr for designing and $14/ hr for development.

At Red Apple Technologies, we work in multiple platform including iOS/ Android with several Game Engines like HTML5/ Unity/ cocos2d/ cocos2d-x/ AR, VR etc.

Kindly, find below our Portfolios:

·         2D Art portfolio


·         3D Art portfolio


·         Game



Does you do everything in-house? Or else outsource also. If so kindly let us know, we are really eager to start a new relationship with you.

Contact me :

[email protected]

Skype- rozan4redapple


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