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Thank you for the explanation, I tried on Entity and it works just fine but on Sprite it don't working as expected: the sprite now don't disappears but it don't flips


I've not found any mention of this new way on documentation. There is still Sprite.flipX() Sprite.flipY() in Sprite page with no mention of the fact it's deprecated in favor of a new way and in Renderable page there is any flip function available.

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ouch indeed... the fault at the new matrix transform mechanism, and it seems that the `autoTransform` flag is not enabled for me.Sprite (where it should be), but is for me.Entity.

for now you can just add the following line in your object constructor and it should solve your issue :

this.autoTransform = true;

I'll add a proper fix in melonJS later this week, but anyway it will more or less be the same, so no worries if you forget to remove it later as well :)

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