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3dsMax Actions Builder set value property paths not sticking


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Hi all,

Just getting started with BabylonJS output from 3dsmax and using some of the Actions Builder tools. Have one question that I can't seem to figure out.

When I set up an action for an object, for example change the color on pointer over, change back on pointer out, I set the material.diffuseColor property and the RGB values I want. This works fine and works in the exported scene, but when I go back to edit the action, the material.diffuseColor isn't shown in the set value parameter for that item, it's back at the top of the drop-down menu for that item (alphaindex). This only seems to happen with the various material.X parameters, and none of the other properties out of the drop-down (i.e. color overlay, visibility, etc).

Not a big deal when there are just one or two objects your editing parameters for and can remember what you just edited, but the scene I'm going to work on will have lots of objects I want to script material properties for and having to reset the material.X settings each time will be impossible. I'll have no way to know if the setValue is referencing the diffuse, specular, emmissive, etc since it resests to the top of the drop-down.


propertyPath of set value action doesn't leave the material.X parameters stickied between edit sessions.



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Thanks Luaacro!  good to know it wasn't just me.

The babylonJS editor looks good with the actions builder in there (didn't even know there was an online bJS editor which tells you how new this is for me).

It's definitely nice to be able to edit the actions directly from within 3dsmax since I'm doing a lot of modeling and scene editing at the same time as testing the babylonJS output.


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