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Animation not showing up


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Hey people,

I'm new to panda and just started playing around. So if I change the picture of the default main.js it shows just fine, but  as soon as I try to use an animation (same code as from the official example) I just see the background. Only thing I changed is the pictures (my own and from 3 pics to 2 pics). Has anyone a clue why that might happen? I downloaded the latest version of pandajs and used the local webbrowser of WebStorm IDE, but also tried Apache Web Server. But no difference. Thx for your help.


.body(function() {

game.createScene('Main', {
    backgroundColor: 0xb9bec7,

    init: function() {
         var anim = new game.Animation('1.png', '2.png');
         anim.animationSpeed = 0.2;


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Thank you, Stephan!

Actually I am not only new to panda but also to Java Script in general and I didn't think about the Java Script console. Hitting F12 quickly revealed my mistake. I assumed that I can just put my pictures in the media subdirectory, because that's how it was for the example code that was included when I downloaded panda from pandajs.net. That seems to work for static images but not for animations. I just put the pictures in the root directory and it worked without any further changes.

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