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Shape blending - background showing through


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Hey Everyone, 

  I am very new to Pixi and graphics programming in general... so I apologize in advance if this is elementary.  But I am struggling to understand what is going on.  I the 'stage' which is a PIXI.Container and to that, I am adding a "bgGraphics" (PIXI.Graphics) container where I am adding a grid pattern across the UI.  Then I am adding another glyph (PIXI.Graphics) where I am drawing this using native shapes (right now just a rounded rectangle).

  All was moving along great until I put to two together.  See below



So I was thinking that if I drew the grid, then the rectangle, then the rectangle would "draw over" but they seem to be blending.  I did stumble across blendMode but the description in the API docs didn't seem to help any.  I am attempting to manually set the zOrder (grid to 5, rectangle to 10) but that didn't help.  

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I'm at a total loss at this point.  


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