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WebGL renderer bug?


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So I think I'm running into a WebGL renderer bug, and I wanted to confirm that I'm not missing something stupid before I make an issue on the Github. Basically, when I use the WebGLRenderer, everything renders twice as big as when using the CanvasRenderer (see attachments). I suspect it might be an issue with setting the `resolution` to `window.devicePixelRatio`, which I did in the following way:

PIXI.settings.RESOLUTION = window.devicePixelRatio;

.load(function() {
     window.renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(
         $(window).width()/window.devicePixelRatio - 50, 
         $(window).height()/window.devicePixelRatio - 50, 
         {resolution: window.devicePixelRatio, antialias: true}
     // etc. 

I'm using a Macbook Pro (which has a devicePixelRatio on Chrome of 2), and swapping the `CanvasRenderer` with `WebGLRenderer` causes the blowup below. I'm using an @2x image for the mountain below, but not for another similar image. Am I doing something wrong?

While this isn't a huge issue for me right now, I would like to be able to use WebGLRenderer because I'm anticipating adding a lot of extra sprites to the screen and wouldn't mind performance. 


Screenshot 2016-12-24 01.10.25.png

Screenshot 2016-12-24 01.09.39.png

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