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[PAID] [semi-urgent] Hiring for client .io web game pixijs (minor server skills)


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Hello there! 

Please see our posting for this job over at:

It's also below:
Our game development studio is looking for a client side (minor server work) javascript PixiJS game developer. Past tiles upon request, but we have many AAA game developers and talent for our next multiplayer game. Our server infrastructure was built by a past full stack engineer hire from UpWork and forums along with our core team, you will work with them and our original team on bringing a version of our .io to the web market. 

We use Trello and Skype and expect checkins a few times week. We are a small studio with limited budget, but we respect our employees. We have a monthly budget in mind, but would like to hear from you. Our goal is to take what's currently there (shown upon request) and add the fun client side details of polished graphics with some server experience preferred to plug into for minimaps, etc. ALL ASSETS INCLUDED FOR DEV. 

What we want from you:
- Examples of past PixiJS work or similar
- Game examples you've worked on and what specifically you contributed (sci fi or .io is a plus!)
- UI implantation in PixiJS (we will give you psd, can you bring them in game well, etc)
- Mention 'blue bunny' in the early part of your message to show you read this
- Mainly client side asks like graphics, explosions, UI, etc
- Any references 

We've hired folks from Upwork before, we please don't waste our time and jump right into it if you think you're good fit! We look forward to hearing from you! More details, like Trello board, the game progress and anything else you would like upon request. We have a goal to hit before the end of the month and GDC. Thanks so much, hope you say hello!

Please get in touch with me either on twitter (@TDJ) or email and ignore the dashes: [email protected]
Thanks so much for reaching out, good luck either way!



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