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Brackets and Brackets Shell - Running Web Apps on Desktop, and a Text Editor


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Just thought I would show you all two awesome things in one. Brackets is a text editor for web development, written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It has a lot of awesome features, quick edit being one of them (part of that is a color wheel that pops up when editing hex/rgb codes etc). Yet, it runs quite nicely as a desktop program, due to brackets shell. 

Brackets shell however, does not just have to run brackets. If you install brackets, then navigate to where it was installed, you will find a www folder. Delete/rename it. When you next start brackets, it will ask for a html file. You can point it to any html file, and it should run it natively! Works great for games too.

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Awesome find!  :)


Node Webkit is also a good choice, if you can get past the large binary size: https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit


A simple way to build Node Webkit apps in your project is to use Grunt and Grunt Node Webkit Builder (https://github.com/mllrsohn/grunt-node-webkit-builder)


Grunt Node Webkit Builder can build a binary for Mac, Win, Linux32 and Linux64 in a single command! I almost fell off my seat when I used it.

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