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Particle Storm: what the hell is a "particle storm object"?


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The Particle Storm docs reference a "well formed object matching the ParticleStorm object" (ParticleStorm.addData) but I can't figure out what it means by that, exactly. Are there any docs on this object? What is vx/vy and control properties for vx/vy - what are they and what do they do? There is absolutely no way for me to figure that out except through trial and error which hasn't gotten me far. I really need some kind of solid explanation of what the particle storm object is and what each parameter is for.The scaling and opacity properties make sense from the examples, but I can't quite figure vx/vy. I know they move the particle to a coordinate, but what do the controls do? 

It's for reasons like this that I wish i just used a plain ol' particle emitter. On top of the lack of information, PS isn't supported on the latest versions of phaser... so I feel like I may have shot myself in the foot by relying on it for all my particle emitter effects.  

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