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getLocalPosition in response to mouse events seems to swap x and y


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First off, PIXI is incredibly new to me so the problem might lie in my incompetence.

What I did:

        var localOffset = mouseData.data.getLocalPosition(mouseData.data.target);

mouseData being the input of multiple different mouse events (mousedown, mouseup, rightdown, rightup, mouseover)

The rotation of my sprite is set to 0.


What happens:

The console prints {x:xval, y:yval} where xval changes when moving up/down and yval changes when moving rigth/left. 

As far as I can tell, everything else seems to work with x increasing towards the right and y increasing towards the bottom of the screen. I can easily work around this but it felt report worthy.



Additional stuff that might be of interest:

The local position seems to be correctly offsetted by the anchor.

What feels wrong to me is that the distance does not take into account the width/height of the actual sprite, only the width/height of the texture being used. 

This might actually be working as intended but is not what I expected.


Have a nice day,

 - Michael



Ok, so it gets weirder (for me).

To make sure no rotation data is screwing with me I hardcoded the rotation to different values. Rotation does not seem to influence my results.

x and y are not only swapped, the sign of x (value found in y) is also inverted

I get the expected values when using a PIXI.Container() instead of a sprite (no xy swap, no inverted sign).

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