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mousewheel event issue


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okay. I will be more descriptive with the title next time.!!!

I am using melonjs 4.1 . Tried in both firefox and chrome, I am using Windows 8.1


this is my code 

      me.input.registerPointerEvent("mousewheel", me.game.viewport, function (event) {
           me.event.publish("mousewheel", [ event ]);
        this.mousewheel = me.event.subscribe("mousewheel", function (event) {

            var viewport = me.game.viewport;
            viewport.width * viewport.anchorPoint.x,
            viewport.height * viewport.anchorPoint.y
            -viewport.width * viewport.anchorPoint.x,
            -viewport.height * viewport.anchorPoint.y





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oops, looks like you found an issue with the 4.1.0. We did refactor some code linked to pointer event management, and it seems that we kind of broke the mouse wheel event.

I just fixed it on the master branch, if you pull the latest version it should work then (i tested using your code snippet).

Sorry about that, and thank you 10000x for reporting it :)

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