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performance/memory optimization


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first of all, thanks for PIXI JS.

i want to know if i am doing everything correctly (bcz i am still not satisfacted with performance on mobile), and i am looking any performance optimization which i can do.

i use latest pixi js (4.3.0).  before i used 3.x.x  and there was no any positive difference with my game. (maybe after i updated pixijs  i lost some performance, but its just on eye).

my game using autoDetectRenderer. and often its WEBGL, but anyways i see fps down.

ok, i just want to know if i am doing everything correctly. i have a lot of animations, thats why i am using spritesheets.

1) i am preloading all spritesheets/fonts/images/etc, using Loader.

loader.add("redAnim", "sheets/redAnim.json"); etc...

1.1)  i am using spritesheet for interfaces and different buttons such as  play button, music button, bars etc...  is there any boost performance to use spritesheets instead of a lot of small images?



for add animation to stage i am using next:

var frames = getFramesUtil(39, "red_stay/0000");
this.image = new PIXI.extras.MovieClip(frames);

function getFramesUtil(count, pattern){
    var frames = [];
    for (var i=0; i<=count;i++){
        var str = "" + i;
        var pad = pattern;
        var ans = pad.substring(0, pad.length - str.length) + str

    return frames;

So, i am using Pixi.Texture.fromImage   or    also i am using PIXI.Sprite.fromImage

so as i understand they must get items from Loader right?

i just want to be sure that i am doing everything correctly.


best regards,


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It's probably reloading them each time, the fromImage methods aren't intended for that. Access your loaded frames like this:

sprite.texture = loader.resources["animation.json"].textures["walkcycle1"]

Using spritesheets is more efficient because if you draw ten things in a row from the same spritesheet, the texture is only being loaded to the GPU once. It's slower to load a lot of small textures one at a time.

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