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Stuck in the corners top-down game


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Hi there,
I'm a new Phaser user and already enjoy it! ;)

I'm currently developing a standard top-down game. Now I'd like to "smooth" my hero motion when it collides wall corners.

What it currently does when you hold down the right key (logical and normal behavior):

What I'd love to have:


I really want to embrace the Phaser logic so I decided to follow the plan below:

  1. In update player method I detect if the player is onWall()
  2. I check which face is on collision with body.blocked.right
  3. I get the tile in collision according to the position of the player (using snapToFloor)
  4. I getTileAbove() of current collide tile
  5. I check if this tile canCollide()
  6. If the above tile can't collide I apply -50 to velocity.y

That sounds not bad but it's very heavy and I need to check all collide layers.
I'd just like to know how would you proceed? Or if there is an another-more-phaser-friendly way to do.

Thanks for reading.

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That doesn't sound that heavy to me..?

There are some standard approaches, like snapping to grid when the player moves, or snapping to a 1/2 or 1/4 grid. You'd still end up doing some math to figure out how to squeeze through doors. You could also write a custom collision handler that does this for you and "warps" people through the door, maybe? Just spitballing.

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Thanks! Maybe is not that heavy indeed. I was wondering about this because I have to check the nearest door/wall on each layer (to detect other collide tiles not only on walls layer) and that for the four directions... and maybe later for other in-motion stuff like ennemies...

Although I did not really understand the snapping grid approach. You mean is like moving player tile by tile, to avoid that the player overlaps two tiles in same a time? Sounds easier of course...

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