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Babylon.js Intellisense and Auto-complete


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from this post

1. Download http://hugos.site/babylonjs.json   and put it in your project folder
2. Get the atom plugin "atom-ternjs"
3. Make a file called ".tern-project" in your project folder and add this

  "ecmaVersion": 6,
  "libs": ["babylonjs"]

4. Restart atom and It should give you hints if you start writing BABYLON.

I personally use this ".tern-project" file:

  "ecmaVersion": 6,
  "libs": [
  "loadEagerly": [
  "dontLoad": [
  "plugins": {
    "modules": {},
    "es_modules": {},
    "node": {},
    "doc_comment": {
      "fullDocs": true,
      "strong": true

because it enables autocompletion when babylonjs is imported like this:

  import {
    } from "babylonjs";


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