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Help with Phaser and dragon bones implementation


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Actually I forked the drabonbonesjs repo and Im trying to create an example for phaser game engine, but I have a problem that I can't understand related to mesh.

This is mi project dragonbones example using my Phaser implementation
-> https://javierlog08.github.io/phaser-demo/index.html

and this is another example I made with DragonBones pixi using my armature 

Pixi 4 uses a a class called PIXI.mesh, but Im using Phaser.Rope....actually its render perfectly the mesh transformation, but in the moment of any animation , armature doesnt move...

Someone can explain how to move Phaser.Ropes?
This is my repo -> https://github.com/javierlog08/DragonBonesJS/tree/master/phaser

I forked original DragonBonesJS repository and Im just trying to make a Phaser version
Thank you
What Im doing wrong?, Do you can say me why mi mesh is not moving?.

NT: If I not run a animation, the the mesh render really good
Im using the last version or DragonBones 5.0 to create the armature on demo

Regards !! and very thank you


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did you check the developer console in the browser for any errors that might come up? From my experience there might be some missing texture issues, and also you will want to check and make sure the dragon bones world clock is running. This is especially true when you are switching game states, because the clock is wiped out, so you have to create a new one. In my implementation of dragon bones, I excluded the mesh and went the easy route. Here is my version https://bitbucket.org/silashatfield/phaserbones

RefreshClock() : void {
            var hasEvent: boolean = false;
            var callback = dragonBones.PhaserFactory._clockHandler;
            this.game.time.events.events.forEach(function (event, index, array) {
                if (event.callback == callback) {
                    hasEvent = true;
            if (!hasEvent) this.game.time.events.loop(20, dragonBones.PhaserFactory._clockHandler, dragonBones.PhaserFactory);


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