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Using json in texture atlas and some general questions about typescript


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so i learned about typescript and started using it about a half day ago or so. I decided to write the breakout game in the examples to get a feel for it after running through the 2 tutorials that were posted for typescript.


firstly, i could not get the texture atlas to work with it. This line in particular:

            this.game.load.atlas('breakout', 'Assets/breakout.png', 'Assets/breakout.json');

It kept giving json parsing errors when i look at the firebug console. how can i go around this?


secondly, after writing it in typescript, i am begining to find the over use of the 'this.object or this.function' slightly annoying but overall it felt a little wordier than normal JS but makes it a little easier to understand and type coming froma  java background imo. The intellisense is also extremely nice after using it for a short while. Could i hear some opinions of other people here who uses typescript please? Maybe its the way i am writing it or something but something feels 'off' i guess. Some tips about it would probably help as well?


thanks in advance.

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