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SPS with alpha channel


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Hi all,

@jerome I have done a SPS whose some particles have a little transparency and others not. However, I have a problem with particles that I dont want to apply alpha because now they are not solid cube!!. When I enable alpha chanel:

                #spsArquetas.mesh.hasVertexAlpha = true; for the solid particle I get this result:


The result that I want to get is the follow:



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That's what I explained to you in the PM: once you enabled the alpha channel, even if the value is 1.0, the vertices aren't z-sorted for performance reasons. The sort is done only at the mesh level.

That's why you can sometimes see such weird shapes inside-out.

This tutorial is a must-read to understand this : http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/Transparency_and_How_Meshes_Are_Rendered

As the SPS s a single mesh, if you enable particle transparency, you have to accept that this can happen. If you don't want it, you need then to manage two SPS, one with transparent particles, the other with opaque ones.

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