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Parsing XML to get data


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I wanted to make a dialogue system but draw the data from xml files instead of hard coding the data, what i have so far:

module dialogue_test {    export class main extends Phaser.State {        xml: XMLDocument;        html: HTMLElement;        text: string;        style: Phaser.Text;        preload() {            this.game.load.text('NPC', 'test.xml');                        this.html = this.xml.getElementById("1");            this.text = this.html.innerText;        }        create() {            this.game.add.text(this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, this.text, this.style);        }        update() {        }    }} 

and my xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><dialog>  <NPC id="1" name="Sir Basil">    <intro>Welcome to my humble abode</intro>  </NPC></dialog>

I am trying to get the loaded xml file into the xml variable i created but it cant work as it is it seems. Am i on the right track for making a dialogue system by parsing data from an xml file?

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Hey, I'm not so sure that Phaser can load and parse the xml the way you try...


After checking:








I'm still not sure what that the loaded file is not just plain text.


Also this

this.game.load.text('NPC', 'test.xml');

and then instead of this

this.html = this.xml.getElementById("1"); 

since this.xml - is not set anywhere before. I'll probably will look for: 

var xml = game.cache.getText('NPC');

So also this should go in the create function since the preload is for loading stuff.


Also i just found this example which loads an html file:




Good luck and if you make it work, please share the final code as this sounds like a something common for a lot of games.


Also beside that isn't JSON file more common way of passing data for a HTML5 game as ATLAS maps and so on...

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I still haven't used Phaser, but I can help with this one ;)


You never render the xml's text to xml or dom or some other structure.

Here's a real simple example for ya....



@Mike : Im with you, JSON rocks, but this is one of those rare times you mIgHt want to use xml just because hes going to have a lot of multi line dialogs and multi line stuff sucks in JSON to write by hand...but then he should have a tool to write that stuff and then JSON is a better choice.

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@Mike: thanks for trying to help, it did help a little atleast. I dont really know if JSON would be better or not but xml seemed like an easier to understand method for this purpose from what i read. PEAz seems to agree with this as well.


@PEAz: thanks a million, i tried it and it worked and you went as far as to post a working example already for anyone else with the issue :)

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