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Camera "Walking" Twitchy


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I've noticed that as the frame rate drops, that the FPS camera movement (walking) gets ridiculously twitchy. I'll tap the arrow key and it will rocket ahead by like 20,000 units...


Is there any way to address this situation so that the movement speed is is always predictable regardless of the frame rate?

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I'm afraid this is linked to the standard behavior of the camera.

In the freeCamera.js file, we have this function:

BABYLON.FreeCamera.prototype._computeLocalCameraSpeed = function () {        return this.speed * ((BABYLON.Tools.GetDeltaTime() / (BABYLON.Tools.GetFps() * 10.0)));    };

It defines the effective speed of the camera on every frame based on the current FPS to ensure that regardless of the computer power, the camera will move at a constant speed.

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