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[solved] Sprites


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I'm working with Sprites and using "pickSprite" and "pickedSprite" in this code:
  spriteManager.isPickable = true;
  player.isPickable = true;	
  var pickResult = scene.pickSprite(event.clientX, event.clientY);
  pickResult.pickedSprite.cellIndex = 1;

It's part of a program with a crawling bug you have to hit with a mouse click. But there is no hit possible. Only if the bug doesn't move I can hit it with the mouse.


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I found another (longer-winded) way:

function pickIntersect (point, pos, diff) {
  if ((point.x > pos.x-diff) && (point.x < pos.x+diff) 
  &&  (point.z > pos.z-diff) && (point.z < pos.z+diff))
    return true;
  return false;

if (pickIntersect(pickResult.pickedPoint, player.position, 2))
  player.cellIndex = 1;


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Even without the image, you can just console.log when hit to see that it is working.

But one thing: you should not add the click event on the window because you will capture all clicks event outside the canvas. You should instead use the scene.onPointerObservable:


Example here:


To get the correct X and Y for the mouse you can use scene.pointerX / Y

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Thank you your efforts,
in the meantime I found out: the picking is working. It's my problem, I hit the bug very rarely.
Thanks also for the "click-hints".
And a new question: What ist the difference between clientX/Y and pointerX/Y?
Both seem to work equally.
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