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Y-axis problem with Physics mesh parented to Camera


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On 11.02.2017 at 0:52 AM, RaananW said:


so - as DK said, this is not really supported. But do you care to explain what you are trying to achieve? maybe we will find a better solution!

@RaananW this is what I am trying to acheive.Click a product and drag down the mouse down to add into shopping cart.

I am trying to  move/rotate the products smoothly with shopping cart. That's why I have added parenting after dropping. As a temp solution, I have removed physics after dropping, but in this case products fall INTO one another

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I understand.

To get that you will have to play with the forces that are applied on the shopping cart. The problem with position update, is that the velocity and acceleration stays 0, so the physics engine thinks - ah, the object didn't move, no reason to check for collisions. When pushing "forward", you will need to calculate forward and apply this force (or better yet - set the cart's velocity) in the right direction. 

I think more and more people require something like this. The only way to go is really moving to the "physics" world, and leaving the simple position and rotation world. This requires a different way of thinking. I would have said that I will try creating a demo for this, but I won't find the time soon. If you want to start a nice playground that will be the base on which we both can work, I will be more than happy to look inside and comment.

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