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Phaser CE | Phaser.Tilemap.objects property


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Hello everyone,
I'm working on a small game using TypeScript, and I hit a compilation issue with the Phaser.Tilemap object. I was going to submit it as an issue to GitHub, but because I'm new here I wanted to error on the side of caution and make sure that this is actually an issue, as per the contribution guidelines. :)
According to the phaser.d.ts file, on [line 5057](https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-ce/blob/master/typescript/phaser.d.ts#L5057), the objects project is supposed to be an any[]. When running my application, I can see that Phaser.Tilemap.objects is an Object, with another property called objects, which is an any[].
I have attached a screenshot of my code editor watch expressions that shows the issue I'm facing.
If we make the following change to the def file, it would resolve the issue. I have confirmed the change in my local repository, and everything appears to compile as expected.
        objects: {
            objects: any[];

To generate the error, I am loading TILED_JSON map data and iterating through it to find a specific tile, as follows:

        let map: Phaser.Tilemap
        for(let o of map.objects.objects) {
            if(o.type === "start") {
                start = new Phaser.Point(o.x, o.y - map.tileHeight);



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Caveat: I don't do TypeScript.

That doesn't look right to me, any[]... it's not an array, it's an object: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-ce/blob/0c9bef16b98095be79e866fbee778a78e24486c3/src/tilemap/TilemapParser.js#L172

Do you have an object layer in your map called "objects"? What happens if you change its name to "cats"? (change your code, too)

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