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Memory consumption with large number of objects


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I'd like to show some positive results I've gotten trying to reduce general overhead of instanced meshes. The main reason being I probably won't be able to finish the work; Hopefully this will come in handy for someone else.

Code changes


Attached files; they show a reduction of memory usage of instanced meshes from 25 mb down to 6mb.

With these improvements, I've been able to substantially increase the maximum number of instances, where previously I was just running out of memory in the browser. (FYI: i went up to 200k instances).

The key points to look at is how I moved all the members with "immutable" types (numbers, booleans, strings) in Node and AbstractMesh to the .prototypes, so that they don't have to be repeated in each instance unless they are changed. This is IMHO one key interesting properties of javascript. This cannot be done safely for mutable types, so I added a "lite" parameter that I turned on just for instanced meshes to reduce memory there.

It is possible there is a good reason why things were not done this way, hence why i'm opening a discussion here.

I'm not suggesting this specific implementation for production, as it is pretty much just hacked together at the moment. But I do believe that the general philosophy of only paying for the features you use is a good one. It would be better if the responsibilities of the objects was more composable; We could make greater use of interfaces and mixins, for things like collisions, for example. 

Then of course there is the matter of increasing the performance in general of the mesh collection phase, as well as setting of the position vertex attributes. For my application, the existing method of checking visibility at every frame is not workable. I'll also require some more fundamental batch/buffer generation and maintenance that lasts over multiple frames, instead of this method of generating the position buffers every frame like is done here.

Let me propose that I think that all visibility culling and buffer generation results should last across frames, since in most applications these will be similar from one frame to the next. It's an easy argument to make for buffer generation, but a harder one for visibility culling.




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this is really interesting:) You save a lot of memory by sharing properties and this is clever but this is something we can't do at framework level. 

The foundation of babylon.js is simplicity. So as an user you expect to be able to write mesh.ellipsoid.x = 3 directly

In your case because the ellipsoid is shared, the user will have to first set a new vector3 for the mesh.ellipsoid and only after that be able to set the x property.

I see that you are doing it only for immutables types. So my question would be: what would be the gain if you do not share mutables types but only immutables ?

I don't think the gain (in memory) is worth the complexity involved in the code and the potential risks of misunderstanding for users.

But i can totally be wrong :) As you said this is not for production but it could be something we can think about together and try to implement in the future


Regarding the visibility culling, my question would be: if you decide that visibility can last for many frames, what could be the trigger to update it? Because it depends on:

- Collisions

- Physics

- Camera (position, direction, etc..)

- Mesh. position, scale, etc...

- Animations


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