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Depth/Layer/Z Axis?


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EDIT:But i suggest you  use group for levels .And add level group first.And ship next.So by using group you would avoid need for depth sorting at all.
Like this:

levelGroup=gamd.add.group()level1=game.add.sprite(0,0,"ddd");levelGroup.add(level1)ship=game.add.sprite(0,0,"ddd");function newLevel(){level2=game.add.sprite(0,0,"ddd");levelGroup.add(level2);} 


Ok from what i understand  .And from phaser documentation .

You have 2 options :

1.Re add ship itself (you shouldn't notice removing and adding ).You can save old ship variables if it has any ,as temp vars and add into new ship   :D so it would be like old ship on highest depth.

2.Keep levels and ship on same  group and than adding , you can sort it with  group.sort();
Keep ship as first  member of that group .
 index should be 0 ,order one of those Phaser.Group.SORT_ASCENDING OR Phaser.Group.SORT_DESCENDING.


And i think its only ways to do it ,curently as from front page  on phaser 1.13 :



* Added Group.sort. You can now sort the Group based on any given numeric property (x, y, health), finally you can do depth-sorting  :)Example created to show.
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