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apply diffuse texture on stl ?


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Could it be it's impossible to load a diffuse texture on a mesh that is imported from an stl file ?

I'm able to set the same material on a basic plane and it works, but not on the stl :/

For some reason the material does show a color matching the jpg texture file, but does not render the full texture ...

should I apply special u/v mapping ?

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Thanks for your reply Deltakosh !

I had no knowledge of this...
I created the stl with OpenSCAD ... I don't believe there is an option to generate uv mapping in OpenScad, or is there ?

The object I need to apply a texture to is basically a triangle which is easy to recreate using primitives (or so i presume).
But just for future reference: it would be interesting to know if there is software that can generate the uv mapping from a given stl file (i.e. could Blender do it ?)

Many thanks,
you certainly saved me some head scratching ;)


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46 minutes ago, dmonkeyjazz said:

(i.e. could Blender do it ?

Hi @dmonkeyjazz; welcome to the forum :)

Yes Blender can import .stl files - and it has some nice uv unwrapping tools. So perfectly doable in Blender.

And you can then export directly from Blender as a .babylon file.

Each of these three of these models started life as an .stl file that I imported into Blender.

Beethoven and Friends

cheers, gryff :)

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