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3ds Max : Multi-anim in a bone

Florent Glibert

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Hello everyone,


I have a question related to the 3ds max exporter.


I would like to export several animations linked to a bone (not bibed)

Ex : I model a Box. I link to him a single skeleton and apply two animations :

Anim00 : opening the Box

Anim01 : Closing the box.

Is it possible that these two animations are differentiated after export (in the .babylon, with time and keys)? In such a way that I can activate either one or the other? If so, what method can I use?


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and for your help.
Best regards,
Letsbro team.


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it is possible. We supported named animation range. They will still be part of the same big animation but you will be able to start them individually.

 here is how to create one:


and how to start one:


btw if you export from Blender this is supported directly.

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