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What is making aspect ratio of canvas fixed?


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When I am fullscreen the canvas is not 100% height even though my CSS makes it that.

When I resize the window the canvas height:width is always 2:1.

Did I set code that makes this happen somewhere that I forgot? I searched everywhere but can't figure this one out.

It seems like my code is the same as the babylon website Demo code, so I dont understand :huh:

See attached images:



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Hmm, I have that. When calling fullscreen I press F11 in my browser.

But as you can see from screenshot #2 above, the canvas also resizes when I open the inspector, and it doesn't fill the screen, it stays at exactly 2.0 aspect ratio. (You can also see I have width:100% and height:100% in my #renderCanvas CSS. I copied the Babylon Demo CSS.


No matter what size I make the window, the canvas is 2:1 aspect ratio (height = 2*width).


Is there maybe code that I wrote that controls this?

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