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platform speed transition


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referencing this https://github.com/fariazz/phaser-infinite-runner source im trying to create a transition that would increase the platform speed.


the pre-generatedTerrain updates just fine adding 

this.floors.getAt(i).body.velocity.x = -this.levelSpeed;


however the current platforms 'onscreen' are still at the predefined levelSpeed. is there a way I could update all of these at once. ?




my solution was not to even set levelSpeed at the generation of the terrain, but to set it on the current floor 'onscreen'.


    	if (this.myCoins >= 5){
            this.levelSpeed = 350;
            for(var f = 0; f < this.floors.length; f++){
                this.floors.getAt(f).body.velocity.x = -this.levelSpeed;

            for(var c = 0; c < this.coins.length; c++){
                this.coins.getAt(c).body.velocity.x = -this.levelSpeed;


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