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Unity Exporter Typescript compilation


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Hey guys!  I'm checking out the most recent version of the Unity to BabylonJS exporter (freshly downloaded off GitHub!) and I'm having an error with compiling Typescript.  I haven't added any Typescript to the Unity project so I think the only Typescript files that are attempting to be compiled are the three files inside the Babylon/Library folder.  I also freshly updated my local Typescript compiler through npm just to make sure there were no issues there.  The error I'm getting in Unity when I click "Build Script" is this: 

C:/nodejs/node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.d.ts(5603,11): error TS2320: Interface 'AudioContext' cannot simultaneously extend types 'AudioContextBase' and 'EventTarget'.
  Named property 'addEventListener' of types 'AudioContextBase' and 'EventTarget' are not identical.

Unity3D2Babylon.Tools:BuildProjectTypeScript(String, String, String, String, String) (at Assets/Babylon/Source/Tools.cs:1550)
Unity3D2Babylon.ExporterWindow:Build(Boolean, String[]) (at Assets/Babylon/Source/ExporterWindow.cs:647)
Unity3D2Babylon.ExporterWindow:OnGUI() (at Assets/Babylon/Source/ExporterWindow.cs:565)

I looked inside the babylon.d.ts file in the Babylon/Library folder and the AudioContext interface doesn't seem to try to extend from AudioContextBase (which given the names seems odd) so I'm assuming that I'm too much of a novice with Typescript to know what the actual problem is and how to fix it.  Can anyone help me out?  (I'm using Unity 5.5.0f3 but I can easily upgrade to a newer version if it will fix the issue.)  I have a sinking feeling that I must have missed a readme file somewhere that I accidentally didn't read.

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