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Music for HTML5 games


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I have developed a game using Phaser, but I need quite a few pieces of music for level backgrounds, level-up, menu etc. Since it's a web-based game, all of the audio files will be directly downloadable from the hosting website - they are just .mp3/.wav/.ogg files. After reading the terms and conditions on many music sites, it would seem that they all, in some form or other, stipulate that the music files must not be directly downloadable. Does anyone know of any sites where I may purchase music that does not have this restriction?

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I think the ToS you are reading are just stating that you can't make the files available as direct downloads to your users (e.g., via a music file download link on your site). Downloading music files to the client in the background as integral components of a game should be fine. The music sites just don't want you undercutting their business by publicly redistributing their files. If you're still not sure then ask the music sites for clarification.

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