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Tizen and phaser.Size issue


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Hi , i have a problem with Tizen os .
Game and Phaser works fine ,but (using emulator in IDE).
But fit code doesnt :

 this.game.stage.scaleMode = Phaser.StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT ; this.game.stage.scale.forcePortrait= true; this.game.stage.scale.pageAlignVeritcally = true;this.game.stage.scale.setScreenSize(true);

It works fine on android chrome .IT's fits whole game exactly on screen size vertical y.

On Tizen it doesn't react at all .Whatever settings iam using.
On web its keeps original size of a game(600X1024);No fitting happens
ON emulator as an app, its 1.5 times bigger than screen size.(720X1280 emulator screen size). 

Does any1 ever used phaser with tazen?
Any specific settings to use ?
(i want to fit whole screen ,vertically).
Than you.

EDIT: Delete please ,issue was caused by body padding

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