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Phaser gamepad support


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I have been using old dualshock 2(ps2) controller for coding. I bought several new devices and decided to use those for programming.

So, what have changed is that now I am using new xbox one controller, and a surface book. To get new button mapping, I went to phaser's gamepad debug example. It mostly did not detect my device, and sometimes it detect 4 'unknown' gamepad devices (just like in screenshot) which does not even react to different inputs. (Once this state has reached, it stays like that even when I disconnect, or connect my old ps2 controller back. Probably only sure way to go back is reboot.)

I don't know if this is caused from controller or laptop. On this screenshot, one of the devices is called 'surface keyboard,' so I think my laptop has slightly more possibility of this trouble. I would test more to figure this out but I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this problem or similar ones.

A solution or personal experience (even "mine is working fine!") would be helpful.

ps. I am aware of that html5 gamepad support is experimental. And I am working on this using chrome. (I tried edge but same result anyway)


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