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Dispose or recycle for performance


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When playing my game for a while it gets slower and slower. I'm trying to figure out why. One if my theories is that I create quite a few meshes and dispose them shortly after.

That's why I'm curious on if it will be worth trying to recycle most meshes through the use of LOD and positioning away instead of creating ad disposing. Or perhaps it won't really matter?

Are there any common practices to search for potential memory leaks?

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You'll need to use your browser's profiling to see what's slow. It could be excessive GCs, or functions getting de-optimized, or it could be a content problem (like meshes not getting disposed, so that the scene builds up a bunch of invisible junk), etc.

No way to fix it until you know what's slow!

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I recently ran into this same problem and did some testing on dispose() to see if it was leaving any assets behind on meshes.  I never found anything artifacts left after dispose.  what ended up being my problem were a few times I was updating an mesh with a new asset.  this left the old one orphaned in memory and was never GCed.  I went back and disposed() before changing the asset and it took care of my leak.  Best of luck!

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