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pathfinder in melonjs


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You can recompute the path if there is an object in contact with it and the object is close to your path-finding object (with some threshold). In short, recompute the path when it is potentially blocked in the immediate future. This might create non-optimal paths, or even unreachable destinations, so keep that in mind.

Use me.Line objects to create collision triggers along the path, and recompute the path on collision AND distance between object position vectors.

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If I have the Path array already defined ,how can i move sprite through the particular path repeatedly.

like this https://github.com/Kibo/melonjs-cookbook/tree/master/cookbook/patrol in my isomatric map.

when i am trying to reuse the functions its throwing error because the melonjs version which they have used in this example is version 0.9.9. BUT i am using 4.1.0

can any one help me on this..

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Just update the code to melonJS 4.1.0! :P Here are the changes I can see just by looking through the code on github (I haven't tried it):

  • me.ObjectEntity -> me.Entity
  • this.maxVel -> this.body.mexVel
  • this.vel -> this.body.vel
  • this.accel -> this.body.accel
  • update method -> accepts a single argument named dt (delta-time)
  • this.super() -> this._super(me.Entity, 'update', [ dt ])
  • this.updateMovement() -> this.body.update(dt)

And here's the update guide, which will help you for any other problems you might find when running old code with a new library: https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/wiki/Upgrade-Guide

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