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I am creating a game to test, there is no scenario, obstacles and nothing.
My question is that I'm trying to get an object to move to a certain coordinate I want.

Example, I want to move a ball to the coordinates of DestX, DestY and DestZ.

I've looked a lot for pathfinding, but I can not find anything that solves my problem. I just think moves executed by the keyboard arrows, I need to set the coordinates and this object should get there

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To solve this issue, we need to understand a little we know:
where is the front and back side of the object;
the current position of the object;
the angle by which the object is rotated.
the distance the object must cover.
Additional data needed. Then we introduce the concept of a quarter. It's no secret that in a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system there are 4 quarters, from 1 to 4 respectively. In each quarter, the axes have different signs.

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Once you explain everything to yourself, you can proceed directly to the script. As input, we take the Transform of the original object after the rotation and the Transform of the empty, to which we will subsequently move. The empty initially has the coordinates of the object. Next, we determine the quarter in which the front of the object is located. Since the trigonometric circle is limited from 0 to 360 degrees, this is not difficult. Having determined a quarter, we calculate the angles of inclination for each coordinate. Then we check that our angles have the correct sign. After that, we send the tilt angles to the final formula for calculating the coordinates. And finally, we set new coordinates to the empty, to which we will interpolate.

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