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[Solved] Making sense of ParticleSystem


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Hello, I have been trying to make sense of the Particle System for a while now. Basically every time a projectile is shot, I'm putting up a ParticleSystem for a splash effect. This works maybe 10 times, but then no sprites at all is created. The function is the same, I have even tried recycling the Particle System with stop/start so no more than 8 are created. I tried to use clone, but it complains that the texture is undefined.

I looked into the custom function and it seems the recycle function stops running. Can I reset/recycle all particles somehow?

What determines if a sprite is shown or not from the Particle System? Looking from the documentations I don't get much wiser.

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Trying to recreate the issue in PG I realised that the texture might get removed upon dispose. On most places it doesn't, but it seems as if that was the behavior on ParticleSystem. Instead of using a global texture I cloned it for each case of Particle System and it solved the issue.

Is removing texture intended?

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