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【question】: does phaser have the callback when game state changes


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Hi all, 

currently I got problem that

I have a websocket thread to communicate with the server. and the game object is also start in the process, the situation is like this.

when I got the response: A from the server, I will change the game to a new state by

game.state.start('NEW STATE');

and then I will get the response: B, C from server, then I need to run some functions defined in the new state, like this


but it is not working, then I loged the state  


I found that the current state is still the OLD ONE.

I know the state change need some time, BUT is PHASER provide any callback method when the current state changed to another one, 

thx everyone.

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Hi, sorry, I might not be the best person to answer your question, but why isn't the state change synchronous?

I assumed you told it to change state, it maybe ran a 'destroy' or 'clean up' (create/init) function on the old state and any 'before' or 'prep' (shutdown) functions on the new one but that these were all synchronous and I didn't think there was any way of changing that behaviour without major modifications to the Phaser state code, have you made these changes? or maybe I've got it wrong and Phaser state changes use promises or callbacks or some other mechanism to say when they are done?

I just had a poke through some examples (which were old) and the current docs and codebase, they look pretty synchronous, which means you know exactly when they change because you control it, I could still be wrong about that though, it was only a quick look around in there.

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