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Can I Build My Game Using phaser


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I am new to kiwi i am looking for frame work which has all functionalities to build game like simcity or township like game

which allows user to create their own city drag and drop the house crating of roads modification etc

Please help me can i able to build my game with phaser.

and ofcourse support for:-


tiled map editor maps,

storing data ,

updating json etc

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Why don't have a look at the phaser examples and see your-self as what it's capable of?

  • Multiplayer - I don't think so , but there are several other JS libraries that can help you with this task (socket.io
  • Tiled maps support - yes 
    • to edit your tiled maps yo ucan use Tiled
  • storing data
    • what kind of data ?
      • JS offfers you ability to store user's data into localStorage, cookies... isn't that enough?
      • or you can store your data into JSON file  
  • updating json?  
    • you can load your json files with the embedded loader and then modify it's data once loaded and stored into actual variable.

This framework was built to simplify and speed up the process of creating games. The main logic of yout game however has to be written by you. 


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