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Backward alpha order and GLTFLoader


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I am using the GLTFLoader to load a scene which contains lots of meshes with textures that have alpha transparency. The meshes seem to be in the correct place in space but when panning around it seems that order that the transparent objects are rendered is backwards -- the transparent texture which should be rendered first is rendered last (that is, the one in the front is behind and the one in the back is in front).

I don't find a lot of documentation of how to update the depth buffer for alpha texture rendering. Is there a call I should make to recompute the scene to get depths correct? Is this just a bug in the GLTFLoader?


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After digging into this more, it is not a problem with GLTFLoader or Babylon. Seems I have a discontinuious mesh that is made up of many semi-transparent textured surfaces and Babylon renders a single mesh in the order of the faces. That means no alpha ordering within a mesh. 

My problem to fix.

Thanks for being here, though.

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