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[Issue] Dot pixels with Shadow


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Hi everyone,

First word, sorry for no PG for this issue since Dropbox do not allow hosting files for runtime request anymore, and this issue come from 3DMax exporter, I do not code anything, just simple click "export and run".

Please check it out: http://appsbymekong.com/flashdemo/junk/

It's a simple scene with camera moving around a player football with light source above. You can notice that some black dot pixels appear, and glitter on player, ball and ground. It happen when I turn shadows on from 3DMax. 

Very grateful for any helps.

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this is definitely an issue with shadows :). Do you need realtime shadows in your scene? If so I suggest being sure to only add the minimum amount of objects in the list of affected meshes that your light can reach.

You can also control the bias of the shadows by right-clicking on a light and going to "babylonjs properties"

A suggest read to better understand dynamic shadows: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/shadows

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