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How to create a custom shader?


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I'm new to babylon.js and have worked with Unity3d before. I was used to write my own shader code there and the material still received lighting and shadows.

What is the correct way to do it here? When I use the ShaderMaterial, only my shaders are used. I could probably copy&paste all the stuff from the default material in there, but I didn't have much success as I would have to set some defines and bind some stuff during the onBind call, if I understood it correctly.

I could also write a whole new material. Then at least everything would be a little bit more clean, but I would still have to copy&paste a lot of things.

Did I miss something entirely? What's with this ShaderBuilder I read a little bit about but doesn't seem to be bundled to BJS? What is the recommended way of creating a new shader with lights and shadows?



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Hello and welcome!

The best option if you want to get all features (including bones, shadows,etc..) would be to create a custom material. We have the material library for that :)


I would suggest to start from the Simple Shader which is already set up and then add what you need :)

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