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Phaser tilemap Image Layer !?


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In advance sorry about my lack of reading the documentation! I tried looking at the Phaser Examples and looking around... 

How to link a "Image Layer" from a JSON tilemap generated from Tiled program? 

In the "preload" function I have the asset loaded: 

game.load.image('exit', 'map/exit.png');


Then in "create" function I have tried both:

platforms = map.createLayer('exit');

//ERROR - Tilemap.createLayer: Invalid layer ID given: null

platforms = map.addTilesetImage('exit');

//ERROR - Phaser.Tilemap.addTilesetImage: No data found in the JSON matching the tileset name: "exit"

Neither works!? 

map.JSON (i tried moving the exit.png into the route and the image is inside the same folder as the map.JSON file). 

{ "height":130,


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I have the same problem, it seems to me that loading the Tiled image layer has not been implemented yet...

There is a custom plugin that can replace phaser's internal Tiled loading functionality, but they haven't implemented the 'Image Layer' either: https://github.com/englercj/phaser-tiled#why-use-this-plugin

So unfortunately you just have to bite the bullet and load the JSON, extract the image information and create the sprites yourself...

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