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Hello. We are trying to figure out how to do a Raycast from the camera, in order for a user to look at a mesh and be able to modify it. For example if we want a wall mesh to change into a heart mesh, we would want the user to look at the wall and it will change it to a heart mesh. How are you able to create this functionality? 

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Hi there... one quick way to do this is using observables... like so:

scene.onPointerObservable.add (function(evt) {
        var pi = evt.pickInfo;

The pickInfo of the event contains a lot of information about the event (PickInfo)

You could also use scene.pick(), which takes X,Y coords you can grab from a standard mousedown event from addEventListener.


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Thank you for your response. It does work when you click on something, but how can you do it when you just move the mouse on top of a mesh without clicking. I tried POINTERMOVE, but I just get null for most things.

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@bser I wanted to do the same thing, and came up with this demo.


The scene displays 4 spheres and continually creates rays using Ray.CreateNewFromTo()  from the camera's current position to a target (0,0,0).  If a ray intersects a sphere, a decal is drawn on the sphere.  We detect the intersection using scene.multiPickWithRay().  If multiple meshes are found, we choose the one that is closest to the camera.


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