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Request: platform game, dynamic terrain


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I'm pretty new to game coding, so I would like to ask some suggestions from more experienced people, before deciding what to do.

What I wanna do: a pretty simple horizontal scrolling game, with the main character that would always move forward, and the user can only make it jump.

All good, pretty easy... but the "problem" that I couldn't solve yet, looking around at the different game engines, is the terrain.

I wanna get some values from a WebAPI, and use them to create it. Every value will be the height of a "mountain". So I need to create the terrain automatically, at the start of the game, and add the right physics to let the user "climb" them, either just running (if the mountain is low), or jumping (if it's higher).

Any idea on how making it as easier as possible, and which game engine would be better to use? It will be used both on pc and mobile, so cannot use too big and complicated physic engines. Even better if can use round collision "boxes" too.

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